Frequently asked questions

What are the prices of beats?

Leases range from $10-$40

Exclusives range from $75-$250

Clearance beats are $50

Will voice tags be removed?

Yes. All audio marks  “soundhbeats.com” will be removed from the instrumental once you have purchased your beat.

What is the difference between a Basic-Lease, Premium-Lease, and Pro Lease?

A Basic-Lease grants you limited rights. You cannot distribute more than 2000 copies with this license. A Premium-Lease lets you distribute no more than 5000 copies. A Pro-Lease lets you distribute no more than 15000 copies. In addition, you will receive track outs(within 1-3 days), and synchronization rights.

What are synchronization rights?

Synchronization rights or sync rights, allows you to sync up your music with a visual (music video, tv,film,etc). Our pro license, as well as purchasing an exclusive rights or clearance beat will allow you to do this.

What are track outs?

Track outs are individual instrument files, also known as “stems”. This gives your mixing engineer full flexibility in your mix.

Can I resell a beat after I purchased one?

No. You cannot resell a beat you purchased or transfer ownership.

What does exclusive rights on a beat include?

Exclusive rights gives you sole ownership of the beat. We cannot sell the beat to anyone else.

Read our blog post on leasing rights vs. exclusive rights here for more information.

Will the beat I purchase be removed from your Social Media sites?

No. Unless you purchased exclusive rights for the beat

What payment methods are accepted?


How long does it take for my beat to be delivered?

After you purchase beats, you should receive a link to download your beat(s) instantly. If you haven’t received your beat(s), check your spam/junk mail folder. If you still haven’t received your beat in 24 hours, send us an email with your order confirmation number.

Does SoundH offer custom production?

Yes. send us an email for any inquiries.